Statement from the Mayor of Tbilisi

I would like to announce a very important decision, a vital decision for the city, for the proper development of Tbilisi.

The decision, which was made by our team, is to prohibit the increase of coefficients and selling of K2 construction intensity coefficients.

This practice, which was adopted in 2005, will be abolished once and for all based on a decision from Tbilisi City Hall and the majority of the City Assembly of Tbilisi.

This new regulation will apply to all permits and zonal agreement regulation projects that were issued from the moment this regulation is adopted.

Our agenda is to create proper conditions for the development of our city. This will be achieved according to the basic parameters determined by Tbilisi Land Use Master Plan.

It is extremely unfortunate, but it is a fact that for years, the harmful practice of issuing excessive coefficients has contributed to an unseemly and chaotic development of the city.

We have been working as the new management of Tbilisi City Hall for over a year and we have been delicately working on the subject of increasing K2 construction intensity coefficients. In spite of this fact, the only way to tackle this problem, which has been accumulating as a result of years of chaotic construction, is to make radical decisions. Consequently, we have decided to legally prohibit K2 coefficients in order to eradicate the possibility of its wrongful manipulation.

No matter what kind of innovative and large-scale projects we implement in the future, whether it be infrastructural modernization or environmental protection, everything will go to waste if we do not simultaneously improve the urban chaos that has been going on for years.

This decision is just the beginning, we will gradually regulate the legal framework and ensure the proper development of Tbilisi.

I would like to give my special thanks all the specialists in this field who were actively involved in helping us make the right decision and to go in the right direction. I would also like to thank the representatives of the construction sector who were actively involved with us during consultations.

Despite the fact that at a glance it may appear that this decision is not going to benefit the construction sector, in fact, the urban chaos has negatively affected their businesses as well. It is very good that the representatives of the construction sector analyzed the initiative very correctly, shared our views and practically unanimously supported the decision.

I would like to congratulate every resident of Tbilisi and every supporter of our city for this extremely important decision. This event once again demonstrates that if we are honest when caring for our city and if we face all challenges as a united force, any problem can be solved.

I would like to congratulate you once again and announce that we have many more interesting and important decisions planned for our city and we will be sharing them within next few days.

15 February 2019