Web portal – “Your Idea for The City Mayor” is available now

The Mayor of Tbilisi Mr. Kakha Kaladze hosted the presentation of electronic portal – “Your Idea for the City Mayor”. The portal is aimed to systemize ideas, ensure their public availability and intended attribution. After receiving appropriate amount of votes, the idea will be passed to Tbilisi Municipality for further deliberation.

Web portal idea.tbilisi.gov.ge includes 13 categories. After selecting individual category, citizens would have an opportunity to submit an idea and to vote for specific projects.

According to the Mayor, the aim of the portal is to ensure more public participation in the City development and joint implementation of relevant projects.

“We must break down existing stereotypes e.g., “We have elected the Government and they will do everything”. I believe this approach is wrong. Of course, we have a huge responsibility to progressively develop the City. We will fulfill our obligations, but I would like Tbilisi citizens to be involved in all relevant processes. The Municipality began development of special platform, where citizens of the Capital could present specific projects aimed at the City development” – stated Mr. Kaladze.

He added, that, trough project – “Your Idea for the City Mayor”, citizens will be able to present their own ideas. Also with help of the platform, city residents would be able to discuss and submit their choices.

“Certainly, if submitted project will be interesting, we would provide an opportunity to implement it. I do hope, that, lots of people will be involved in these projects and together we will be able to implement initiatives that are important for our city. Tbilisi City Hall will do everything in its power to implement the projects, which would be beneficial for the City” – stated the Mayor and rendered his gratitude to all who participated in the project development process.

Head of Municipal Service Development Agency Mr. Vakhtang Tchedishvili presented detailed explanation about the platform and noted, that the web portal is innovative way to present new ideas and improve communication between the City Hall and the public; it is a new tool in city governance, which would help citizens and the Municipality to see more cardinal issues facing city population. This platform would also increase public participation in Tbilisi development.  

Registration on the web page requires personal data, email address, user name and a password. This password can be used for future authorized entries. Registration/log in is not required to vote for submitted ideas. Registration is only required to add new ideas.

Information on ideas, which are open for voting, is available on the web page. You can select an idea from the catalogue, obtain its name and description, and vote by using you personal details. Afterwards, they will become visible on public page - idea.tbilisi.gov.ge. All Georgian citizens of the full legal age and registered in Tbilisi can enjoy the right to vote. 

Ideas are considered on four different stages: at the first, an idea is discussed by the site administration; on second stage voting is taking place; at third stage, the Mayor is making decision: either to continue deliberation or reject approval of an idea; during forth stage, the City Hall’s structural units are analyzing possibilities to implement an idea. 

12 February 2018