The ordinary session of the government was held at the Tbilisi City Hall

The ordinary session of the municipal government was held at the Tbilisi City Hall. Before discussing the issues on the agenda, the Mayor of the Capital, Kakha Kaladze, made several statements.

The Mayor of Tbilisi instructed the head of the municipal inspection, Levan Jgharkava, to dismantle the buildings constructed on illegally appropriated land plots in the capital in a timely manner, as similar incidents have become more frequent in the city.

“There are already many cases when illegal plunder of municipal and state lands occurs, which is categorically unacceptable. We will not allow this under no circumstances. Facts like these have taken on a systematic form and we already encounter too many cases. I would like to instruct the head of the municipal inspection, Levan Jgharkava, to launch the actions starting from today. I know that on some specific land plots you have warned the population to dismantle the small buildings they are constructing themselves. If this does not happen, you can come and dismantle all this yourself”, - Kakha Kaladze said.

According to him, the Ministry of Internal Affairs will also assist Tbilisi Municipal Inspection in the mentioned process.

“Illegal misappropriation of state and municipal property is categorically unacceptable. This is neither mine nor yours. It is the property of the state and we should not give anyone the right and the opportunity to seize it all. What answer do we give to people who act in good faith and obey the law?! Start taking action today. You can help the Ministry of Internal Affairs. I had consultations with the Minister and you will have all support and assistance to end this disgrace in the Capital”, the Mayor of Tbilisi stated.

At the government session, Kakha Kaladze also spoke about the zonal-hour parking system in the Vake District and asked the population to apply to the municipal pavilions located in the parking zones in time for free registration of the vehicles.

According to him, the inspectors assigned to the hourly parking zones provide free on-site consultations to the drivers of the vehicles regarding downloading of the application and payment of the fee.

“Within the framework of our transportation policy, one of the most important directions is zonal-hour parking, which is being successfully implemented. The system has already been launched in Kote Abkhazi Street, Orbeliani Square, Pekini Avenue and the nearby streets. The next stage has been launched starting from November 20 in the Vake District. Specifically, these are Chavchavadze Avenue, Paliashvili Street and its crossing streets. We will continue to introduce this system throughout the city, of course, in stages. I would like to once again call on the people of the Vake District that those who have not been able to register their cars, in order for them to enjoy free parking, should apply in time to the municipal pavilions on site. Our employees are on a daily basis at specific locations and help the population with the registration as much as possible”, - Kakha Kaladze said.

The Mayor of the Capital also mentioned that in the Saburtalo District, after Pekini Avenue, the zone-hour parking system will be launched in Vazha-Pshavela and Alexander Kazbegi Avenues. The date of launching of the project will be announced by the public at the next government session.

“The next area where zone-hour parking will be launched will be Vazha-Pshavela and Alexander Kazbegi Avenues. The principle and the rules will be the same - the population must register their cars, and parking for them, of course, will be free. For other citizens, the first 15 minutes will be free for visitors, and then the cost will be included. It should also be underlined that parking is free for persons with disabilities, category A taxi drivers and owners of electric vehicles in order to encourage availability of the electric vehicles in the city. This process will start in the Saburtalo District, specifically on these avenues, after the municipal pavilions in the Vake District are removed. We will provide additional information at the next government session and tell you the exact dates when this parking system will be launched in Vazha-Pshavela and Alexander Kazbegi Avenues and the current streets. The population will have accurate information on when they will be able to register”, - Kakha Kaladze stated.

According to him, in order to inform the population, the municipal pavilions will be located in Vazha-Pshavela and Alexander Kazbegi Avenues.

The Mayor of Tbilisi also spoke about the next year's budget of the municipality and noted that the project submitted to the City Council is the primary version of the budget. He said that with the support of the central government, the final draft budget would be different from its original version.

“For some reason, at the end of every year, there is a deliberate attempt by the opponents to present new budget to the City Council in such a way that it seems as if we have been ruined, the municipal budget is reduced, and so on. Clarifications have been made on this, but I would like to explain to the public once again that this amount - 840 million GEL, which was sent, is the initial budget. Every year, we have support and assistance of the central government, because everyone understands that only with the revenue of the municipality we will not be able to respond to the problems and the challenges we encounter. For this we need the support of the central government. I am sure that this year's budget will be different compared to the first one, and even more, and we will be able to implement more projects in different directions. This refers to infrastructure works and other needs”, Kakha Kaladze said.

The Mayor of the Capital thanked the Ministry of Finance and the Prime Minister for their support and assistance.

“In the coming days, we will have the exact amount of the budget of the municipality for 2021. We do our best to make the number different from the first budget submitted to the City Council. I am sure it will be like that and we will have the opportunity to implement many necessary and important projects for the city”, - said the Mayor of the Capital.

Kakha Kaladze also focused on infrastructure projects at today's government session. In particular, it was mentioned that the Environmental Protection Service of the Tbilisi City Hall rehabilitated an 8,000-square-meter square in Takaishvili Street in the Samgori District.

“We pay special attention to existence of the recreational spaces in the city. Everyone can see how many squares or road dividers have been arranged, how many parks have been rehabilitated. Where possible, we plant everything. The most that our city needs today is to improve the current ecological situation, because it affects the health of each of us. That is why it is important to have green spaces, to organize and update them. Today we present another project - the Municipal Environmental Protection Service has rehabilitated an 8,000-square-meter space in Takaishvili Street in the Samgori District”, - Kakha Kaladze said.

According to the Mayor of the Capital, within the framework of the project, pedestrian and bicycle paths, children's and sports fields, as well as lighting and irrigation systems have been arranged in the area. 484 trees and 62 shrubs of different species were planted in the park.

Kakha Kaladze noted that arrangement of the existing recreational space was a great desire of the local residents.

“We are fulfilling what we promise to the population. We may not be able to take concrete steps today, but we dare to say so, and that is the right attitude. The public needs to know why you are not doing a particular thing and when you will do it. This communication will continue in the future. We have been in the government of the capital for three years now. Many important projects have been implemented, but there are still challenges, problems that need to be addressed. The team we represent as the government of the capital has great enthusiasm and we are mobilized as much as possible to respond to these challenges with dignity. The support from the community, which we feel every day, is an additional incentive for us. I promise, we will do our best to make Tbilisi the most beautiful, orderly, green, with well-maintained infrastructure and renewed transport”, - said Kakha Kaladze.

25 November 2020